La petite vigne du bout du haut, "gourmande" and packed with sun drenched fruit flavours is a wine which can most definitely be enjoyed any day of the week whatever the occasion!


A blend of grenache grapes, which come from a plot of vines well positioned to profit from the sun and syrah grapes, which come from a plot of vines situated at higher altitude. This particular cuvée is most definitely "gourmand!" In otherwords, packed with fruit flavours and expressing great characterd of grenache
The vintage
Vintage 2019' dry and utterly delicious is a vintage during which the vines have drawn from the heart of the soil their subsistence resulting in a small harvest but one of great concentration.
Domaine Chardon Bleu is situated in La Drome Provencale (Central Rhone Valley) and the extreme east of the appellation Grignan les Adhémar.
The grenache grapes used in this cuvée come from vines situated in Taulignan, a small village 5km from La Roche Saint Secret and the syrah grapes from vines situated in La Roche Saint Secret.
The plot of vines in Taulignan are really well positioned on a plateau, which is stony and well exposed to the sun. The syrah vines, located in La Roche St-Secret, are at a higher altitude and as a result bring the freshness and elegance to this cuvée
In the vineyard
The tillage (working of the soil) is mechanical. Every one in two rows of vines Manu leaves grass to grow and he plants cover crops...this assisting in limiting erosion and naturally enriching the soil...this assisting in limiting erosion and naturally enriching the soil.

The treatments used on the soils are La bouillie bordelaise (a fungicide based on copper sulphate and lime) help combat diseases caused by fungi such as late blight,
The maturity of the grapes is assessed by regular sampling and the date of the harvest is reached collectively in accordance with the results of the analysis, The so-called "optimal maturity" point is defined by comparing the sugar level, the probable alcohol level and the acidity of the grapes..
Once the grapes used to make the red wines have been harvested they are placed directly into stainless steel tanks.We then perform two "pump-overs" a day during the maceration process
At the end of the alcoholic fermentation we press the grapes and then separate the juice from the pressed grapes and the free running juice allowing for greater freedoom in the blend
The following February, after clarification and filtration of the juice is completed we begin assembling our cuvées
As is the case with all our cuvées, we vinify this wine with the least amount of sulphites possible.
Grenache noir : 60%
Syrah : 40%
Alcohol content : 13,5 % vol.
Contains sulphites.
AB Agriculture Biologique en conversion


Le Petit Vignes du Bout du Haut can be served slightly chilled during the summer months and between 12-14 degrees during the autumn winter spring months
Ageing potential
5 years
Visual appearance
Bright ruby in colour with delicate reflections of cherry.
At nose
The nose expresses notes of blackberry jam, floral aromas reminiscent of violets with hints of black pepper
On the palate
The first thing you notice on the palate is a delicate freshness that persists until the finish. Mid-palate offers a structure generous and gourmet and the tannins are fine and elegant. In a nutshell, a wine that is fruit driven and ample.
Food pairings
On the one hand this wine makes for a great accompaniment to dishes flavoured with spices such as tagines or roast meats lamb stuffed with anchovies and sun dried tomatoes. It will also match very nicely with goats cheese Picadon, local to the region and also bleu de Vecors