History of the estate

We are Manu and Aurélia, lovers of the vine and good local products.

Domaine du Chardon Bleu was born our common passion for organic wine and our complementary know-how

In 2006, Manu took over the estate from his parents, farmers from generation to generation. When we met, I (Aurélia) worked in sales, passionate about wine and a member of an oenology club... It didn't take long for our decision to be made, and for us to fully embark on our common passion!

Listening only to our unconsciousness :), I left my job and Manu the co-operative cellar to embark on our adventure: Three years later to our huge delight, Domaine du Chardon Bleu was born!


To quote René Fallet, beautifully interpreted by Louis de Funes,

"The canon, must understand that it is not only pinard, it is also friendship."

This is also our philosoph, We put our heart and soul into the working of the vines and the resulting wine in order to obtain quality wines, fresh, fruity and appealing that will perfectly accompany any occasion you get together with family or friends with simplicity

The Land

Our vineyard is located in the village of La Roche Saint Secret, at the eastern end of the AOP Grignan les Adhémar.

As for the grape varieties of Roussane, Viognier, Grenache and Syrah they rub shoulders with lavender fields apricot orchards and truffle oaks, which lie on a stony soil where the top of the hillsides outcrops the rock

The altitude of 350 to 450 meters gives our wines a finesse and a subtle mineral and fruit driven balance.

Winemaking Process

Our wines are organic and produced in line with the specifications of the Grignan les Adhémar appellation.

We leave it to the "terroir" (the land and the soil) to express itself through our wines, and we limit the use of inputs and sulphites as much as possible.


Since 2020, we have been setting up partnerships with associations that share common interests with us when it comes to our values of mutual aid and sharing.

For example, from collective sales, part of the profits are donated to our partners, thus made it possible to participate in the education of children in Tibet (association TPH: aid to Tibetans and peoples of the Himalayas)